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Management Structure


1. General Meeting of Shareholders

The structure of shareholders:

  1. Gazprombank (Joint-stock Company)
  2. Stock company Saint-Petersburg Currency Exchange
  3. The Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange
  4. Limited liability company Jester
  5. AVK-Securitis & Finance Ltd

2. Board of Directors

The composition of the Board of Directors, approved by the decision of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders SDCO (JSC) on 18.05.2016:

  1. Larisa Azimova, General Director, SDCO (JSC)
  2. Dmitry Borisov, Gazprombank (Joint-stock Company)
  3. Vladimir Gusakov, Public Joint-Stock Company Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS
  4. Alexander Kolomiets, Gazprombank (Joint-stock Company)
  5. Valery Seregin, Gazprombank (Joint-stock Company), Chairman of the Board of Directors
  6. Alexander Sitnikov, VEGAS LEX Law Firm

3. Sole executive body - General Director, SDCO (JSC): L. V. Azimova

4. Collective executive body - Management Board

The Management Board, approved by the Board of Directors of SDCO (JSC) on 24.06.2014 and 21.08.2015:

  1. L. V. Azimova, General Director, Chairman of the Management Board
  2. V. V. Aleshina, Executive Director
  3. D. I. Garikov, Deputy General Director
  4. L. E. Spitsyn, Technical Director
  5. E. V. Fedorova, Chief Accountant
  6. E. A. Shabunina, Legal and Corporate Management Director

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